Welcome back from Victoria Retail Park! Following government advice, most of our stores are now reopen. Please read the information below before you visit.


The following stores are currently open at Victoria Retail Park:

What are you doing to protect your customers?

The health and wellbeing of our staff and visitors is paramount. We are following government guidance with the introduction of:

Do I need to wear a face covering?

Please remember face coverings are mandatory within shops and supermarkets. You can find more information on the UK government website:

Are your Blue Badge parking bays still available to park in?

Yes, Blue Badge parking bays are available outside Boots, B&M and B&Q.

Are your customer toilets open?

Victoria Retail Park does not have customer toilets and currently all public toilets within stores are closed.

Why are you not taking people’s temperature?

Victoria Retail Park is following current UK government guidance for reopening non-essential stores to ensure the safety of our staff and visitors. Temperature checking is not currently required.

Can I bring my children?

Government guidance recommends shopping alone where possible. However, we understand that this is not always possible with families.

Why are all the shops not open?

As per government guidance, different shops fall into different categories based on the service they provide, and therefore their ability to reopen may be impacted.

Following government approval, it is the stores prerogative when they wish to open.

Why is there a limit to the queue numbers outside certain shops?

This is for the safety of all shoppers, to aid in a safe customer flow throughout the park and retail stores whilst adhering to social/physical distancing guidelines.